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A US Lacrosse membership is required for each player registering on teams 2-3 and older.  By requiring a US Lacrosse membership, our club is provided with cost saving insurance coverage.  If your son does not already have a membership, or if his membership expires before May 31, 2023, please go to the following link to obtain or renew your membership.



BEFORE YOU GO TO REGISTRATION, please go to the Teams page to verify which team your son is on based on birth date or grade.  There is some overlap between 10U and 2-3, as well as between 2-3 and K-2.  If your son falls into this overlap, the Progam Info page will describe what each program entails.  If you still are not sure, please Contact Us and we can make a suggestion.



2-3 Spring


2-3 Winter


2-3 Spring & Winter


10U Spring


10U Winter


10U Spring & Winter


12U Spring


12U Winter


12U Spring & Winter


14U Spring


14U Winter


14U Spring & Winter